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How do I get my PUK number if my starter pack is missing?

Kindly call our Toll-Free number 111 or visit MTN Service Centre for further assistance.

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Can I register my SIM Card at a later date?

Yes, a new SIM card can be registered at a later date from the day it was purchased but the SIM card will not be activated prior to registration.

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How do I port to MTN?

Send your phone (with SIM) to any MTN Service Centre near you. The Service Centre Representative will verify your ownership of the number and give you a Porting Request Form to fill to initiate the porting process.

The Service Centre Representative will then issue you with an MTN SIM Card which will be activated with your number from your old network once the port request is approved by your old network. Remember to take along a valid Identity Card (Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, Passport, NHIS Card or National Identification Card).

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What happens to the airtime/credit and contacts on a phone when a number is ported?

Subscribers are expected to use up any airtime on their phones before porting to MTN. Additionally, subscribers are advised to move all their contacts onto their handsets (MTN Service Centre Representatives will assist you). On porting to MTN, you will enjoy an initial free Phone Backup service so your phone contacts can be stored safely.

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