Chat, text or record your messages, it’s all up to you. We want you to have freedom of expression and that is why we have a wide range of messaging services designed to cater to your needs. Go ahead, express yourself with MTN’s messaging services.

Please Call Me

Get in touch with your family, friends or business associates even if you do not have any money in your MTN account. You can request for a call back using one of four short message templates:

  1. Please call me
  2. Can’t talk now. Please text me
  3. I’ve missed you. Please call me!
  4. It’s important. Please call me!

What you get

  • Get others to call you back when you’ve run out of credit.
  • Free for all Prepaid subscribers (service is only for Prepaid subscribers).
  • 60 free preset text messages per month to any MTN number.

To use: Send ‘024 <recipient’s number> <message option>’ to 1399.


Send out e-mails right from your mobile phone, even if you do not have Internet connection! Just create a new text message with the recipient's e-mail address and send. How does it work? If your number is 024-4232323, then your address will appear as in the recipient’s email. Soon the recipient can reply to the sender if he/she is subscribed to the soon-to-be released Email-2-TXT service.

What you get

  • Send emails on-the-go.
  • No Internet connection or smartphones needed.

To use: Send <recipient’s email address> <your message> to 1313.

MTN Connect

Share the latest scoop with your buddies and never miss out on any conversation again. With MTN Connect, it's easy to create and join social groups and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

What you get

  • Connect with friends easily.
  • Create and join social groups with people of similar interests.
  • Share fun and interesting content with your groups.

To activate: Send Create <group name> to 559.


Make your messages come to live! Add some personalised fun with a combination of text, pictures, audio and video. With MMS, it is not only possible to send your multimedia messages from one phone to another, but also from phone to e-mail.

What you get

  • Personalise your message with text, pictures, audio and video.
  • Can be stored, reviewed and forwarded on a later date.
  • Send picture messages to mobiles and emails.

Voice SMS

Some messages are best conveyed in voice than in text. Say it in your own special way with Voice SMS. Normal call rates apply when you send Voice SMS.

What you get

  • Say more than you would a regular SMS.
  • Store the Voice SMS so you can listen to it over and over again.

Quick Tips

Did you know that you can send your MMS to email as well?