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Our services are designed to give you total entertainment pleasure while you stay connected. Listen to the latest tunes or watch the latest videos. It’s all about having endless fun on your mobile, anytime, anywhere.

MTN Music Plus

MTN Music+ is a music streaming and Music on Demand service that allows customers to enjoy a wide range of local and international music via an app. This can be windows, android, iOS etc. This service falls in line with MTN’s vision of leading the delivery of a bold new digital world.

MTN Music+
will give customers a new music streaming experience on-the-go, allowing them to create their own playlist, select their preferred genre and stream music on their data enabled handsets or devices.

MTN Music+ contains over 100,000 different songs across the globe and these fall under the following genre of music: Hip life, Hip hop, Blues, Indie, Children’s music, classical, country, Gospel, Jazz, Pop etc. This service is currently available to Android users only.

How to Download the App 

  • Visit Google Play store and download the MTN Music Plus App
  • Visit MTN Play and download from the App store
  • Send ‘Music’ to 5025 to receive the download url

This service creates:

  • An avenue for customers to listen to their favorite music and the latest hits any day, anytime.
  • A one stop shop for all genre of music for user consumption

Click to read Terms and Conditions for MTN Music Plus 

MTN Fame Express

MTN Fame Express is Ghana’s first singing karaoke service on the mobile phone. This service addresses the desire of all “wannabe singers” doing it themselves.

Now you have the platform, sing your way to fame and enjoy amazing surprises from MTN.

MTN Fame Express is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service on MTN short code 1551. Here are four simple steps to use the service:

1.   Dial 1551 to accept T&C and subscribe

2.   Listen and select a song for auditioning

3.   Audition your selected song

4.   Get your score from the IVR portal


So there you have it. Sing your way to fame and you could receive an amazing surprise from MTN Mobile Money. Gp70/monthly subscription and Gp7/min for IVR browsing.

 Encourage your family and friends to sign up for the service today! No Judges, No Sweat!

MTN Fame Express……….Twa wo solo! 

Download MTN Fame Express Terms and Conditions


MTN Play

Turn your phone into a world of endless entertainment. Bring it to life with the coolest hits, wallpapers, ringtones and more. Life just got more interesting with MTN Play.

What you get

  • Download cool wallpapers, ringtones and more.
  • Download the latest games and play straight from your phone.

Log on to mtnplay.com.gh on your mobile browser now.

Caller Tunez

Entertain your callers even before you answer their call. Assign the coolest tunes for your friends to listen to while they wait for the call to be connected. Give your callers something exciting to listen to with the latest songs from our library.

What you get

  • Express yourself with music.
  • Low subscription fee of only 13 Gp  
  • Download fees at:                                      






30 days



20 days



14 days



10 days



7 days



5 days



60 days



30 days



20 days

To Activate: Dial or text 1355.
You will be charged the following:

  • IVR - GH¢ 0.01 per minute

To Unsubscribe:
Send ‘Stop’ or ‘Unsubscribe’ to 1355

Mobile Advertiser

Receive adverts you want to see via SMS. Just fill up a simple questionnaire and you’re done! And when you do, you’ll get great perks from us.

What you get

  • Enjoy bonus airtime when you subscribe.
  • No more irrelevant ads sent to you.

To activate: Text ‘Start’ to 525 or dial *525#

Twitter SMS

Tweet anytime while on-the-go! Get Real-time Twitter updates even if you do not have a data plan. Update your status, send direct messages, follow other Twitter users and more via SMS.

What you get

  • Check or update Tweets even if you don’t own a smartphone.
  • Tweet updates will be sent to your phone through SMS. So you’ll always be the first to know.

To activate: Text 'Start' or 40404.

To unsubscribe:
Send ‘Stop’, ‘Quit’, ‘End’, ‘Cancel’ or ‘Unsubscribe’ to 40404

MTN Radio

Listen to the latest songs, jokes and DW Learning by Ear series, all on your mobile phone. Listening to the radio on the phone just got more exciting.

What you get

  • Download full track of the songs you like.
  • Dedicate a song to a special someone.
  • Download the song you like as your Caller Tunez.

To activate: Text ‘Start’ to 1303 or dial 1303

DStv Mobile

Enjoy a world of endless entertainment at the palm of your hands. Catch your favourite shows anytime on your DSTV mobile. This service is currently available only in Accra, Tema and Kumasi.

What you get

  • Enjoy your favourite news, movies and sports on-the-go.
  • Never miss the latest news. Or never miss watching your favourite sports game.

Head to selected MTN Stores to enjoy this service.

Quick Tips

Be sure to turn off data on your device when you aren’t using it. Another way to access data is to use Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés, hotels or airports.