Call & Line Management

Manage your calls easily with an array of services we have in store for you. At MTN, it’s all about making your life more connected with less hassle as possible. Subscribe to any of the services below and start managing your calls with absolute convenience.

MTN Just4U

MTN Just4U…Uniquely yours

MTN Just4U is a campaign aimed at rewarding all existing customers with free airtime, bonus on recharge and other interesting packages tailor made just for you. MTN understands your uniqueness and so we give you exactly what you need on the Just4U platform.

MTN Just4 U, rewards all customers based on your tenure, usage, telecom lifestyle amongst other behavioral factors.

Just4U subscribers receive notifications about rewards and bonuses on MTN tailor –made offers. Alternatively you can send a blank SMS to the short code 515 or dial *515# or 515 to know your unique offer.

No matter your need MTN has something special Just4U! 


Q: If I join MTN today can I also get an offer on the Just4U platform?
A: New subscribers joining MTN enjoy 6 months of free  offers  on the Akwaaba Promo . After their 6th month they get to enjoy Just4U offers. Customers enjoy bonuses and frebbies for the entire period.

Q: Does calling or texting to this short code attract any charges
A: No it’s absolutely free

Q: Is this reward package opened to your Pay Monthly subscribers too?
A: We do appreciate our Pay Monthly subscribers and as such continue to adopt innovative ways to appreciate them for their loyalty to the brand. The JFU plan is currently available to Pay As You Go subscribers only.


The MTN CallerFeel Service is an exciting service that allows subscribers to express themselves through personalized messages which is displayed as USSD or flash SMS on the caller’s phone before the call connects. The CallerFeel message content can be used for various purposes like personal advertising, status messaging, mood describing, special messages to specific callers, signature and a host of other ways.

With up to 140 characters (words only) and 70 characters (words and emoticons), an MTN CallerFeel Subscriber can change his/her status with no restrictions and no additional cost daily.

To sign up, simply text OK to 5088 for a daily charge of only 8 pesewas.

Please call 100 for further details.

Number Reservation

Are you concerned about losing that ‘special’ MTN number? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered with our Number Reservation service.

MTN Number Reservation gives you an opportunity to reserve your existing number for as long as 24 months (at a cost) even when you are inactive on the network.

Who qualifies?

  • All prepaid subscribers with an existing MTN number.

How to reserve a number

  • Dial *1390# (short code is free).
  • Select option 1 to reserve your own number.
  • Select option 2 to reserve for someone.

Reserving your own number

  1. Enter your MTN phone number.
  2. Confirm the number.
  3. Provide an alternate number (on net or off net) or email address.
  4. Confirm the alternate number or email.
  5. Select a reservation period (12months or 24months).

Reserving someone’s number on their behalf.

  1. Enter the person’s MTN number.
  2. Repeat process from points 2 - 5 above.
  3. An SMS will be sent to the owner of the line to confirm their consent before processing request.
  4. Request will only be successful when owner of number confirms request.

Checking expiry date for a number that has already been reserved

  • Select option 3 after dialing the *1390# to see your number reservation expiry date.

Charges per reservation period

  • 12 months – GH¢15
  • 24 months – GH¢25

NB: You need to have sufficient balance to enable you subscribe to the service.


Call Barring

Don’t want to take certain calls? Not a problem. Our Call Barring service allows you to screen your calls, so you get the calls you need and comfortable answering. You can bar incoming or outgoing calls, outgoing international calls and incoming calls when on roaming.

Call Divert

Divert your calls when you’re busy or unreachable. You can divert your calls to another number, mobile or fixed, or even to your voice messaging system.

Call Waiting

Never miss another call again. With Call Waiting service, you can take another call while you are already on the first call. And you can answer the second call without dropping the first one. Then switch back to the first one when you’re done.

Call Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Know who’s calling you with the incoming caller’s phone number displayed on-screen. CLIP is activated by default for all subscribers.

Call Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

Keep your phone number anonymous when you make calls. With CLIR, your phone number will not be displayed on the recipient’s screen.

Conference Call

Catch up with your friends and family or even business associates with our Conference Call service. You can call up to 4 numbers at a time.

Family & Friends

Enjoy up to 40% discount when you make calls to 8 of your friends and family who are on MTN network. You’ll also enjoy lower International calls with this service.

What you get

  • Cheaper call rates when you talk to your loved ones.
  • Save more in the long run.
  • You can choose to edit any of the 10 numbers anytime.


Activation Procedure and SMS

  1.  Go to messaging on your phone menu.
  2. Create New and type 8 MTN numbers separated by commas. (eg. 0244XXXXXX, 0544XXXXXX, 0243XXXXXX………………..0242XXXXXXX)
  3. Add one mobile number on any other network in Ghana plus a comma. (e.g.; 0261XXXXXX, )
  4. Add any IDD number in USA, Canada, China or a fixed line in UK.
  5. Send to MTN short code 811.
  6. NOTIFICATION: You will receive an instant SMS response to confirm your F&F list
  7. Alternatively, you can download this link on Google Play Store and start making calls at discounted rates and manage all your Family and Friends on MTN

Terms and Conditions


  1. F&F charge is 4p/min for on-net from Monday - Sunday
  2. F&F off-net (MTN –Other networks) charge is 10p/min
  3. F&F IDD (MTN to any one special number in the USA, Canada, China or a fixed line in UK.) charge  is 8p/min
  4. On-net calls at 0.08 (tax inclusive) outside registered family and friends numbers- (Note: this is for only subs who have subscribed to the F & F service)

MTN Zone

Enjoy more talk-time with call discounts as high as 95%. So now you know your loved ones are just a phone call away. Experience the best coverage and best value offers with MTN Zone today.

What you get

  • Talk more for less with amazing discounts.
  • Get selected discounts no matter where you are in Ghana.

To activate: Dial *135*1# 
To deactivate MTN zone: Dial  *135*9# 

Click here for more details on MTNZone 

SIM Swap Kit

Lost your SIM card? Or is your SIM card faulty? Now you can replace it with ease. Just purchase a Regular MTN Starter Pack at any MTN outlet and have your line restored within 24 hours.

What you get

  • Contacts on your phone are always safe no matter what.
  • Hassle-free and affordable SIM card replacement.

To restore your line: Dial toll-free number 111

Video Calling

Have a face-to-face conversation with your loved ones in real-time. Our Video Calling service is powered by MTN’s 3.5G network to give you uninterrupted video conversation. This service is only available on 3.5G phones.

What you get

  • Always have an enriching conversation with your loved ones.
  • No activation required as along as you have a 3.5G phone.

Voice Mail

Listen to all the messages you missed while your phone was turned off, busy or out of coverage area.

What you get

  • Selected messages can be stored (only for 7 days) or deleted.
  • Record your ‘away’ message so your caller knows it’s your Voice Mail they are leaving a message on.

To activate: Dial 555 (Default password is 9999)

Xtra Time

Ran out of credit? Not to worry. Xtra Time lets you make calls up to GH¢1 even after you’ve run out of credit. You can then repay when you recharge later.

What you get

  • Make urgent calls even though your credit has run out.
  • Check your eligibility or unpaid overdrafts to keep track of your credit repayment.

To activate:, dial *506#

Click here to read Terms & Conditions for MTN XtraTime


This service allows customers to share their airtime with their family, friends and loved ones.


How to register;

  1. Via SMS

    Type ‘register’ leave a space, enter a 4 digit PIN and send to 1329 E.g. ‘Register 1234’ to 1329

  2. Via USSD
  1. Dial *198#
  2. Select 1 ‘Activate’
  3. Choose new PIN
  4. Re-enter new PIN
  5. Confirmation of successful registration

How to share airtime;

  1. Via SMS

    Enter ‘Amount’ leave a space, enter ‘Mobile number’, leave a space, enter ‘PIN’ and send to 1329 E.g. ‘5 024XXXXXXX 1234’ and send to 1329

  2. Via USSD
  1. Dial *198#
  2. Select 2 ‘Transfer’
  3. Enter receiver e.g. 024XXXXXXX
  4. Enter amount e.g. 5
  5. Enter decimal e.g. 0
  6. Enter PIN e.g. 1234
  7. Select 1 to confirm

NB: A service fee of 8p is charged per transaction

Quick Tips

Be sure to turn off data on your device when you aren’t using it. Another way to access data is to use Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés, hotels or airports.