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As your business expands, keep an eye on managing your organisation’s networking and data needs. We have just the solution for you with our range of Network & Data services. They’re scalable and of course cost effective. It’s time for you to operate your business effectively, efficiently and productively.

Global MPLS

MTN Global (MPLS) VPN allows local businesses or international companies to connect their offices in Ghana to different geographic locations across the world such as Nigeria, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal etc, using a seamless network connectivity solution from MTN.

In Detail...

MTN Global MPLS VPN is a Layer-3, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Internet Protocol (IP), Virtual Private Network (VPN) that connects major cities across Africa and the rest of the world. It has the ability to prioritise customer traffic on per application basis based on our customers’ business requirements on a secure IP infrastructure across MTN Opcos and other key countries.  MTN Global MPLS VPN provides improved network manageability, reliability and performance. The network enables various business applications, including telepresence, video and audio conferencing, file sharing, application and data hosting. A minimum bandwidth  of 128 Kbps and greater is offered in Ghana according to the customer’s business requirement.

 MTN’s Global MPLS VPN service will add immense value to our enterprise customers’ businesses and heralds a new digital era on the continent. As a true Pan African organization, the MTN Global MPLS VPN service will cover two-thirds of the African continent with plans of global expansion. 

 What benefits do your businesses gain?

  • Total connectivity management across the world from one single point of contact
  • High SLAS managed by MTN Group
  • High network availability due to extensive redundancy.
  • 24/7 performance monitoring and reports from a global operations center

   MTN Global MPLS VPN service management

The service is managed end-to-end through MTN’s Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) to ensure customers enjoy a seamless experience.

 Who manages your connection across the world?

One dedicated Key Account manager in Ghana will manage your global business account as your single point of contact

 How can you receive more information?

You can Contact an MTN Business Key Account manager via email on or call 0244308111 orshort code 18111.

Leased Lines

MTN offers Leased Line service locally and internationally with guaranteed speed and quality. It’s an excellent cost-saving solution especially if your business has several offices all over the country and beyond. Send large data quickly and reliably via our reliable transport media such as Radio Link, Fibre-Optic and the Ethernet. Give your business the leverage it needs on our world-class network infrastructure with our Leased Line service.

What you get

  • Guaranteed transmission quality.
  • Reliable and stable connectivity.
  • Scalable solution to meet your corporate expansion requirements.
  • High-speed service ranging from 256kbps to 2mbps and even up to STM-X speeds.
  • Optimum security and privacy features.
  • Save costs in telephony expenditure between sites.
  • A dedicated Account Manager to assist you with recommendations best suited to your business needs

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VPN over Mobile (APN Solutions)

You can now run your business with ease when you subscribe to our VPN over Mobile service. It’s secure, cost effective and reliable. Your employees can now stay connected with each other via VPN with reliable connectivity, fast speeds and optimum security even if they are thousands of miles apart. We make communication more effective so you can focus on productivity in your business.

What you get

  • Secured connection throughout your network.
  • Your employees get to work remotely and they get to connect securely into your virtual private network from wherever they are.
  •  Help is just an email away if you need technical support.
  • Cost effective when it comes to having a reliable and mobile data network using MTN 2G - 3.5G network.
  • Personal computing and mobile devices can be linked to the company’s data centre, databases and servers with MTN Network Infrastructure.

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Last Mile Access

This service is the final leg of delivering communications service from MTN to its client’s premises.

What you get

  • Wireless and Fibre-Optic access means you’ll get to access remote and difficult-to-reach areas all over Ghana.
  • A range of Applications-Fixed and Mobile Communications to suit your business’ needs.
  • Fixed or mobile, voice or data, or even video, this service will cater to your flexibility.
  • A Secure-Private and Encrypted connectivity solution.
  • Gain immediate access to upgraded innovations and technology ranging from Fiber, Point-To Point access to wireless connectivity.
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Co-Location Hosting

Save on your Capital expenditure and infrastructural costs as you house all your servers and IT infrastructure within the MTN Data Centre ! Our state of the art data centre provides the ideal environment, security and infrastructure to keep your servers safe and in excellent condition. We will provide you with the needed space, bandwidth, power, cooling, security and so much more. Utilise our data centres and keep your focus on your core business.

What you get

  • Flexible co-location configurations from 2U up to multiple racks.
  • Cost-efficient solution that reduces your infrastructural expenses
  • We have consultants who work with you, meeting your every need.
  • Unrivalled connectivity so your data can be delivered locally and internationally.
  • Reliable and consistent power and cooling.
  • High-grade security and 24/7 monitoring.
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