What is MTN Fibre Broadband ?


MTN’s Broadband is a high speed Fibre broadband service for Homes, Offices, Communities and housing estates. MTN Fibre Broadband brings you high speed internet service so you surf the internet, stream cable TV channels, play online games, enjoy clearer video calling and do so much more. 

What's Hot with Fibre broadband?

  • Data speeds of up to 60Mbps
  • Uninterrupted Internet Access
  • Faster Speed than Copper and Wireless
  • Access to additional services including Fixed lines, Video-On-Demand, Online Games, Video
  • Conferencing solutions etc.
  • Professional technical support
  • Easy top up via MTN Mobile Money  or MTN Airtime

 How does it Work?

  • To enjoy the MTN Fibre Broadband service, fibre optic cables will have be installed at a particular address of the customer’s choosing (homes or office), and this will ensure a fast and reliable internet connection

How do I Apply for the Service?

  • To apply for MTN Broadband service, customer needs to complete an application form. Email (MTNFibreBroadband.GH@mtn.com), Call or WhatsApp 0244308111 to engage an account manager or walk to an MTN Service Centre to apply

How do I Pay for the Service?

For one-time installation payment kindly walk into any of our Service centers and make a payment into your account. Payment can also be made through:


Monthly payments can be done at any of the MTN Service centers, mobile money or top up with the MTN Airtime Vouchers. Customers can also top-up their credit and check their balance by dialing *5057# 


What are the Terms of Payment?

  • MTN Broadband Customers are required to pay a one-time installation charge which covers the installation of fiber-optic cables

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