Communication & Collaboration

Efficient communications systems help towards creating a more productive workplace. Our bouquet of Communication & Collaboration services can help you achieve exactly that. Keep your clients, prospects, employees and business partners connected at all times, from anywhere across the world.

MTN Groupshare

No business wants to miss out on the benefits of enabling its employees to work effectively on the move. But our usage statistics show that, in doing so, employees within an organization often use very different amounts of data. This results in heavy users running up charges outside of their plans, whilst light users don’t fully use their monthly allowance.
The “MTN Group Share” service allows businesses and organizations to share Voice minutes, SMS and Data within their organizations. The company will have access to a web portal, managed by an internal administrator to make their transactions/distributions independently .This service applies to Voice, SMS, Data and APN services

• Customer has a sense of control of spend and can easily manage employee costs
• Ease of number modifications eg. for terminated staff , contract workers etc. from  comfort of the business’ own platform
• Reduced MTN Resource intervention or dependency on MTN Customer Care and Account manager as this is DIY for customers to manage accounts

• A platform that is loaded monthly with bulk Data, Voice and SMS airtime (per organization’s request) 
• Customers will be given their own username and pin numbers to access their portal
• Customers have the flexibility of creating their own bundles (Data, Voice and SMS)
• Customers have the flexibility to Allocate Data, Voice and SMS monthly to their employees at their discretion out of their account via the web portal
• Customers have the flexibility of purchasing bundles and allocating numbers to all “share from pool” of Data /Voice/SMS
• Thousands of sim cards are able to share Data/Voice/SMS per specification by the organisation’s administrator
• Allocated bundles can be used for across network calls at lower tariffs

To sign up for this service, email us on, Whatsapp/Call us on 0244308111 or speak with your Business Account Manager for more information on the service.


MTN SME Plus is a prepaid service primarily targeted at SMEs and business people who require a simple and affordable calling and messaging solution.  It provides them with Voice, Data and SMS bundles at a lower tariff.  Existing MTN Subscribers will simply have to subscribe  to the service by dialing *5060# and they would have access to the SME Plus service where they will be able to choose and enjoy lower tariffs from any of the preferred bundle products. A further advantage to this service is customers have access to business information that would help them grow their businesses.

• It allows customers change from existing service to the new SME Bundle using USSD by themselves
• Provides reduced tariff across data, voice and SMS transactions per subscriber line
• The SME Plus service provides customers with access to relevant business related information
• Customer has option to top up airtime /data on other bundles for additional services when exhausted e. Data, Voice
• Enables customers change from one bundle to another within the service using SMS short code by themselves

• Businesses can make more calls, download more data and send more SMS at remarkably reduced prices
• Access to business related information that would help grow your businesses
• Control company mobile spend and yet satisfy employee communication needs
• A Simple all-inclusive bundle at Reduced tariffs on Calls, data and SMS 
• No need to be a postpaid user to enjoy great tariffs and business information 

Packages and Subscription Plans
To enjoy the service, customers must simply subscribe to SME Plus service by dialing *5060# and choose a preferred bundle. The customer has the choice of choosing from our weekly and monthly bundle packages that suit their business needs

The SME Plus Bundle package is a combination of Voice, SMS, Data and Business Information.

 Click here to view MTN SME PLUS Bundles

MTN Multi- Caller Service

MTN Multi-Caller service is a bulk voice calling service that carries a recorded message to the listener through voice calls. It is also known as the voice SMS service. It is a smarter, faster, better, stronger means of communication or advertisement that comes at a cheaper cost to the company or group.

MTN Multi-caller service calls hundreds of people at a time and plays a personalized message as a voice call.  A short pre-recorded message is sent to the recipients in any language of your choice. The message can be a public announcement, an event notification or business promotion. Your pre-recorded message has to be 4 minutes long or less. Its primary aim is to enable the organization to communicate with their customers by calling their Mobile numbers anywhere in Ghana with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated online system.

  • No set up fee, no subscription fee, just a voice recording then you are good to go

  •Warm and personalized technology, Message can be done in any language of choice     (multiple languages available)

  • Send messages directly to your target audience.
  • Customer has option to top up airtime /data on other bundles for additional services when exhausted e. Data, Voice
  • Improve your response rates using voice messaging as a substitute for, or a supplement to, your traditional customer contact methods
  • Cost-effectively increase revenue, enhance customer service and retention, and secure payments in a more timely fashion
  • Increase agent productivity by automating routine tasks, freeing agents to spend time talking to valued customer

 Service Features
Media format for voice files should be vox media file compatible.
Length of call should be a maximum of 4mins per call
Customers are charged per campaign schedule and the total numbers presented for the campaign. Available target number ranges per campaign include. 

To sign up for this service or for more information, send an email to or call 0244-308-111 or Toll free 18111 (MTN users only)

MTN Business Caller Tunez

This exciting jingle personalization service is designed to provide businesses access to share signature ringtones of their organization with their clientele and potential customers.
The Business Caller Tunez offers businesses an alternative advertising channel to put their message (advertising or mission and vision statement, advert, promo ... etc.) across directly to customers who call the phone lines of their staff members within a specified period of time (i.e. 8am to 5pm) on daily basis in an affordable and exciting way! 
In addition to exciting traditional advertising channels, organizations can now share corporate information in the form of music and corporate ads with their customers and employees before they pick up a call as a way of building affinity further increasing their brands top of mind awareness.

MTN Business Caller Tunez Solutions

Benefits you get
  1.  An innovative and efficient form of one-on-one
  2. Change your jingle whenever you require
  3. Opportunity to boost sales and drive traffic to business
  4. Update customers with your latest promotions and other critical news
  5. Create visibility and an identity for your business especially as a start-up 
  6. A unifying symbol contributing t increase in customer trust and loyalty
    How does this work
    1. The business provides a signature jingle to play on their staff line(s) 
    2. The jingle must be in the below format :
              File format = .wav
              Bit Rate = 64kbps
              Length = 30 sec 
        3. The jingle plays only within official hours of work thus 8am - 5pm
        4. Beyond these hours the individual ring back tone automatically takes over until the next working      period 

      To sign up for this service or for more information, send an email to or call 0244-308-111 or Toll free 18111 (MTN users only) 

      Toll-Free Services

      Add value to your business and those of your customers. With Toll-Free Services, your customers get to stay in-touch with you – free of charge.

      What you get

      • Your customers get to call your company for free.
      • Tellular handset provided (fees apply).
      • Enhance your customer care service.

      To sign up, call 111 or contact MTN Corporate Sales at 0244308111

      Hosted PBX

      Reap the benefits of choosing Hosted PBX solution with MTN. You’ll get superior call quality, better phone system management and more. It’s all about streamlining the way your business communicates. So now your employees get to communicate more efficiently with excellent and cost-efficient solutions.

      What you get

      • Make free calls between all your office locations.
      • Enjoy advanced call capability.
      • Lower cost of ownership and no maintenance fee.
      • Zero service upgrade costs.
      • Avoid unexpected expenses on hardware repairs and capacity expansions.
      To sign up, send an email to or call 0244 308 111.

      Corporate Postpaid Packages

      Keep your on-the-go employees connected with our corporate packages! These are designed to reward our corporate clients and to ensure that you save on your telecommunication expenses. Subscribe to our corporate deals and your employees will gain much more!

      What you get

      Depending on number of lines subscribed to, you have the option to enjoy exciting benefits such as

      • Close User Group (CUG) service – A service that allows users under the corporate account to enjoy FREE and unlimited calls to one another.
      • A dedicated account manager for your company.
      • Cost effective mobile service management of your existing lines by consolidating them in one account with one summary bill (invoice) for your outfit and detailed itemised bill for every user under the account.
      • Free 25/50/75 SMS for each line under the Postpaid plan.
      • Free Roaming activation for your company.
      • Free Smart Clip Service – An innovative SMS service that prompts the user whenever a call is missed whiles out of coverage area or phone was off to ensure continuous communication.
      • Control over your usage as limits can be placed on numbers to control cost.
      • Option recharge with airtime when user exhaust call limit.
      • Flexibility of bill payment (30 days from bill payment).
      • Free subscription (line) for every new user.
      • No deposits required on any service. Example – National, IDD and Roaming services.
      • Call Conferencing - A service that allows a caller to call and talk to up to four (4) people at the same time.
      • Several other optional services for free (e.g.) CLIR, SOCLIR, Voicemail, etc.
      To sign up, send an email to or call 0244 308 111.

      Corporate Bundles

      Stay in touch with your employees and clients by utilizing our state of the art smart phone bundle offers. Stay connected in your business operations, synchronise your contacts, calendar, emails and appointments while keeping your operational charges low. Subscribe to our corporate offers and gain much more!

      We have a wide range of smart phone bundle offers with payment spread over 12-24 months duration.

      Payment Duration
      iPhone 5 24
      BlackBerry Z10 24
      Blackberry Q10 24
      BlackBerry Bold 9790 24
      BlackBerry Bold 9900 24
      BlackBerry 9780 24
      BlackBerry Curve 9220 12
      BlackBerry Curve 9360 12
      Nokia ASHA 303 12
      Samsung Galaxy S4 24
      Samsung Galaxy S3 24
      Samsung Galaxy Y 12
      Samsung Galaxy Note II 24
      Samsung Galaxy Tab N8000 24
      For more information, email to or call 0244 308 111.